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"Dining party" 3900 yen plan Sirloin steak with bone & Omar shrimp grill × Italian

"Dining party" 3900 yen plan Sirloin steak with bone & Omar shrimp grill × Italian

3900 yen

  • 12items
  • 4100persons
All-you-can-drink available

We offer super dry, Italian wine (sparkling / red / white), whiskey, shochu, sake, plum wine, cocktail, non alcoholic cocktail and so on.

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 21:00
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

The plan with an all-you-can-drink equivalent of 5000 yen, which is mainly composed of sirloin steak with bone and grilled omal shrimp, is worth this summer as a 20th anniversary award.Please enjoy this opportunity.

Course menu

"Thank you plan" 1 person 3900 yen per person reservation 4 people ~

20th Anniversary Benefit

Usually equivalent to 5000 yen ⇒ 3900 yen with all you can drink

◇ salad

· Seasonal Recommended Salad

◇ 2 appetizers

· Italian product ham

· Mozzarella Caprese

◇ 2 types of hot springs

· Homemade rice croquette

Garlic toast

◇ Snack

·French fries

· Vegetable Chips

◇ Pizza


◇ Steak

· Sirloin steak with bone

◇ Omaru shrimp

· Grilled omal shrimp

◇ pasta

· Seasonal Recommendations

◇ dessert


◇ All-you-can-drink 90 minutes

· Draft beer / wine / cocktail / soft drink

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
Asahi Super Dry
· Italian wine
· Red wine White wine Sparkling fruit wine
· Vodka Tonic Moscow Screw Screwdriver Gin Tonic Jim Back Cassis Orange Cassis Sodder Peach Orange Peach Soda Peach Milk Other
· High Ball Rock Sodder Water Discount
· Sour water split lock sodder split
·plum wine
· Sour water split lock sodder split
·Soft drink
· Orange oolong tea soda

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